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About WoBraCH
The WoBraCH Foundation can address many of the critical challenges that faces today's world: cultural diversity in the era of globalization, poverty and unemployment in the decades after the 2007 financial crisis, etc. The inheritance and development of the brand cultural heritages are a driving force for regional economic growth, a guarantee of national prosperity and strength, and an imprint of social civilization and progress. Cultural heritages are the product of human utilization and transformation of nature. Their inheritance and development are a cultural project which is beneficial to contemporary and future generations. In addition to annual donations and multi-year pledges, the Foundation will enable WOBRACH to offer the world a robust planned/deferred giving option. The WOBRACH Foundation will be the operating vehicle of the campaign, managing planning, prospect identification, gift officer hiring, training and performance, volunteer organization and deployment, campaign publications and accounting. The new foundation will provide a new level of professionalism and coordination for fund-raising on behalf of general aviation and WOBRACH.
·The Universal Copyright Convention
·Declaration of Principles of International Cultural Co-operation
·Recommendation on the Safeguarding of Traditional Culture and Folklore
·The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
·Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

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